Board of Directors

LCHIP Board Members

Colin Cabot, Loudon
Representing: Cultural/Historic
Term expires: 09/2020

Doug Cole, Board Chair, Loudon
Representing: Business
Term expires: 09/2017

John Colony, Harrisville
Representing: Municipal
Term expires: 9/2018

Cynthia Copeland, Newmarket
Representing: Regional Planning Commission
Term expires 09/2017

Harold Janeway, Webster
Representing: Natural Resources
Term expires: 09/2019

Richard Lewis, Plymouth
Representing: Local Planning
Term expires 09/2018

Julia Steed Mawson, Pelham
Representing: Recreation
Term expires 09/2019

Amanda Merrill, Durham
Representing: Cultural/Historic 
Term expires 09/2020

Legislative Members (Coterminous with term in office)

Sen. Martha Fuller-Clark, Portsmouth

Sen. Bob Giuda, Warren

Rep. Bob Rimol, Londonderry

Rep. Judith Spang, Durham

State Agency Members (Coterminous with term in office)

Glenn Normandeau, Executive Director
Department of Fish & Game, Concord
Designee: John Kanter

Acting Commissioner Michael York
Dept. of Cultural Resources, Concord
Designee: Elizabeth Muzzey

Commissioner Jeffrey Rose
Division of Resources & Economic Development, Concord
Designee: Susan Francher

Acting Commissioner Clark Freise
Dept. of Environmental Services, Concord
Designees: Pierce Rigrod

Myles Matteson, Director
Office of Energy & Planning, Concord
Designee: Tracey Boisvert

Commissioner Lorraine Merrill
Dept. of Agriculture, Markets, and Food, Concord
Designee: Jennifer Gornnert