Board of Directors

LCHIP Board Members

Colin Cabot, Loudon
Representing: Cultural/Historic
Term expires: 09/2020

Doug Cole, Loudon
Representing: Business
Term expires: 09/2021

John Colony, Harrisville
Representing: Municipal
Term expires: 9/2022

Richard Cook, Warner
Representing: Natural Resources
Term expires: 9/2023

Richard Lewis, Plymouth
Representing: Local Planning
Term expires 09/2022

Amanda Merrill, Durham
Representing: Cultural/Historic 
Term expires 09/2020

Susan Slack, Effingham
Representing: Regional Planning
Term expires 09/2021

Benjamin Wilcox, Board Chair, North Conway
Representing: Recreation 
Term expires 09/2023

Legislative Members (Coterminous with term in office)

Rep. David Danielson, Bedford

Sen. Bob Giuda, Warren

Rep. Judith Spang, Durham


State Agency Members (Coterminous with term in office)

Scott Mason, Executive Director
Department of Fish & Game, Concord
Designee: Jim Oehler

Benjamin Wilson, Director
Division of Historic Resources, Concord

Patrick Hackley, Director
Division of Forests and Lands, Concord
Designee: Susan Francher

Robert Scott, Commissioner
Dept. of Environmental Services, Concord
Designees: Pierce Rigrod

Jared Chicoine, Director
Office of Strategic Initiatives, Concord
Designee: Stephen Walker

Shawn Jasper, Commissioner
Dept. of Agriculture, Markets, and Food, Concord