Where do LCHIP grant funds come from? Property taxes?

Grant funds are generated by a $25 surcharge assessed when a deed, mortgage, mortgage discharge or plan is recorded at one of the ten registries of deeds across the state. These documents are typically recorded when property changes hands, thus LCHIP funding rises and falls with the pace of real estate transactions. The more transactions, the more grant funding available, irrespective of any changes in property value. LCHIP does not receive any funding through the state’s general fund, property taxes, or from the real property transfer tax.

Wait - isn’t LCHIP funded by “Moose Plates”?

All grant funds are generated by the $25 surcharge described above.

LCHIP receives a maximum of $200,00 per year from the state’s Conservation License Plate program (Moose Plates) towards administrative expenses. Any additional administrative costs LCHIP incurs must be funded by interest earnings and a small administrative fee assessed against grant awards.

How do LCHIP grants benefit the economy of the State?

For every $1 LCHIP invests through a grant, project proponents raise at $2 t least $1 additional dollar, up to as much as $10 from other sources to match it. That far exceeds the required 50% match. LCHIP projects also generate on average more than a hundred jobs per grant round, contribute wages to people working in the communities, support the perpetuation of traditional craftsmanship, forestry and farming, and provide open lands for outdoor recreation.

How much funding is really needed to meet the goals of the Program?

In 1999 the Land and Community Heritage Commission, the commission that recommended the creation of LCHIP, determined a funding level of $12 million per year was needed at that time for the program to achieve its goals. This amount has never been available, however the creation of a steady and reliable funding source in 2008 has gone far to bolstering the effectiveness of the program. However, demand for funding continues to exceed the amount available, with an average of two times the available funding requested in any given grant round.

Why is state funding important?

Official state recognition through LCHIP grant adds a seal-of-approval to a project, boosting visibility and encouraging other funders to support the project. This often allows the applicants to raise much more than the 50% match the program requires.

Why is this program a priority at a time of economic challenges?

The historic and natural resources that are protected and conserved through LCHIP grants are cornerstones of the New Hampshire Advantage, contributing to both the quality of life and the economic and environmental well-being of the people of the state. It is critically important to continue to invest in these resources that protect the character and values of New Hampshire. As time passes, both the value and the cost of protecting these resources will increase.

How Can I Learn More?

See other parts of our website or call the LCHIP office at 603-224-4113.