Natural Resource Grants

LOI and Proposal Documents

         2023 LOI Question List (for reference purposes only)

         2023 Application Question List (for reference purposes only)

         Conservation Purposes Description

         Financial Requirements Guidance

         2024 LCHIP Funding Plan 

         501 (c) Financial Summary Report (2023 Version)

Project Completion Documents

General Overview

      Natural Resource Acquisition Project Completion Process Overview 

Final Documentation Package Overview

      Natural Resource Acquisition Final Documentation Package

Property Conditions Report (choose one)

        Baseline Documentation Report  (for easement properties)

        Property Condition Report  (for fee properties)

Environmental Site Review (if not conducting a Phase 1 Environmental Site Assessment (ESA))

        Environmental Site Review Requirements

Final Project Budget

         Acquisitions Final Project Budget 

Press Release

         LCHIP Paragraph for Press Release

Stewardship and Monitoring

        Natural Resources Monitoring Report

        How to Access and Submit LCHIP's Annual Monitoring Report