LCHIP Grant Round 20 (2021) Schedule

April 29
Historic Resources Grant Orientation Workshop Via Zoom Webinar

May 1 
Grant Round Opens

May 5
Natural Resources Grant Orientation Workshop Via Zoom Webinar

May 14 
Intent to Apply Form deadline 
New in 2021!  Intent to Apply form for historic resource rehabilitation or restoration with a total cost of $50,000 requires at least a draft of your historic structure report or historic building assessment. The completed report is a required part of the full proposal due no later than June 25.

June 11 
Technical Review 
New 2021! Proposals submitted on or before the Technical Review deadline (June 11) will be reviewed for completeness and legibility. Within five (5) business days of receipt, applicants will be notified that the proposal has been accepted as complete or advised of any deficiency and given the opportunity to resolve the issue(s).  Final project proposal deadline, noon June 25, 20201.

June 25 by 12 noon
Final Project Proposal deadline

July - September 
Site Visits

October 7 - Historic Resources Review Panel

October 12 - Natural Resources Review Panel

Board of Directors Grant Selection Meeting

Early December
Grant  Announcement