Historic Resource Guidance Documents

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LOI and Proposal Documents

General Information

         2022 LOI Question List (only for refrence purposes)

         2022 Application Question List (only for refrence purposes)

         Photo Authorization and Release Form

Proposal Budget

         Financial Requirements and Eligible Expenses

         2022 LCHIP Proposal Budget Form 

Scope of Work

         Describing the Proposed Scope of Work

501 (c)

         Financial Information Form

Pre-Construction Documents

Project Budget

         Project Budget Worksheet 

Land Trust Alliance Standards and Practices

Land Trust Alliance Standards and Practices Overview 

Historic Resources and the Standards and Practices of the Land Trust Alliance

Best Practices for Preservation Organizations

Board Resolution Formatting

Sample Board Resolution 

Scope of Work

Describing the Scope of Work for your LCHIP Project

Sample Scope of Work 

Sample Scope of Work 

Stewardship Plan

Stewardship Plan Guidance Document

Sample Stewardship Plan

Mid-Point Documents

Sample Draft Baseline Documenation Report

Closing Documents

Baseline Documentation Report

Baseline Documentation Guidance Document

Sample Baseline Documentation Report

Stewardship Agreement 

Stewardship Agreement Template 

Stewardship Agreement Recording Instructions