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Natural Resource Monitoring Report

Historic Resource Monitoring Report

Combined Natural and Historic Resource Monitoring Report

Reference Materials

Criteria, Guidelines, and Procedures (CGP) -- Combined with the LCHIP statute included in Appendix E of this document, these criteria, guidelines, and procedures constitute the complete guidance document for those municipalities, other political subdivisions, and qualifying non-profit organizations interested in applying for financial assistance from LCHIP.

Guide to Working with LCHIP PDF Forms -- This document is step-by-step guide on how to download and work with LCHIP PDF forms such as the Workshop Registration, Application and Intent to Apply.

Independent Sector -- This site provides an estimated dollar per hour value, updated annually, for volunteer time which may be included as appropriate in grant application budgets.

Land Trust Alliance Standards & Practices -- The Land Trust Standards and Practices are guidelines for the responsible operation of a land trust, which is run legally, ethically, and in the public interest and conducts a sound program of land transactions and stewardship. The National Trust for Historic Preservation recommends the same standards, with slight changes in wording, for historic organizations.  Information on adopting LTA Standards and Practices can be found here and a sample resolution for conservation commissions can be found here.

National Register of Historic Places Database -- A database of information about places listed on the National Register of Historic Places.

NH RSA 227 - M -- LCHIP's enabling legislation

Secretary of Interior Standards for Treatment of Historic Properties -- The Secretary of the Interior's Standards for the Treatment of Historic Properties are common sense historic preservation principles in non-technical language. The Standards are a series of concepts about maintaining, repairing, and replacing historic materials, as well as designing new additions or making alterations. The Guidelines offer general design and technical recommendations to assist in applying the Standards to a specific property. Together, they provide a framework and guidance for decision-making about work or changes to a historic property.

State Conservation Grants Workshop Presentations (2019) -- Materials presented at the State Conservation Grants Workshop held on April 9, 2019

Related Organizations

New Hampshire Land Trust Contact Information -- Find contact information for statewide land trusts, through the NH Land Trust Coalition.

New Hampshire Association of Regional Planning Commissions -- Regional Planning Commissions can assist in various aspects of developing an LCHIP application grant proposal or compiling a Baseline Documentation Report.

New Hampshire Division of Historical Resources -- For information about the NH State Register of Historic Places and a list of architectural history consultants.

New Hampshire Preservation Alliance -- New Hampshire Preservation Alliance is a private non-profit, membership-based organization dedicated to preserving historic buildings, communities and landscapes through leadership, education and advocacy. Many types of historic preservation consultants at listed on the NHPA website.